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    Cogden bridge

    15 Meter, 450 Tonne, free standing bridge rebuild.

    The Challenge:

    A main access bridge to a large scale farm collapsed and required a rebuild. The bridge was over a live river and therefore this created the challenge of working in water and ensuring that the river continued flowing. There was debris from the collapsed bridge in the river that needed clearing.

    The solution:

    The first challenge was removing the blockages from the river. Adamco installed a new 15 meter, 450 tonne, free standing bridge. This was completed without a water diversion and involved working in a live river. A significant aspect of the project was working closely alongside Sedgewick’s Loss Adjusters and Perega. A positive collaborative relationship was essential to ensure that the works continued quickly and effectively. Adamco were able to ensure that the farmer could continue working during the rebuild.

    Working in
    a live river

    450 tonne


    Working closely with
    Sedgewick's and Perega


    The outcome:

    The insurers were extremely happy with the outcome of the free standing bridge. Adamco worked well through the conditions to achieve a fantastic and unique bridge.