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    Machine Base for Furnace

    The Challenge

    Adamco was contracted by KTS Wire LTD to install a machine base for a furnace. This required highly technical work to be completed. During the ground inspection it was found to be unsuitable and therefore required reinforcement. This meant that more time would be needed to ensure that the base would be strong and stable enough to hold the weight of the machine.

    The Solution

    This complex works required major excavation. During this unsuitable ground was discovered which meant that piling would be necessary. Steel tube piles filled with re-bar and concrete were used to ensure that the machine base would be strong enough. The works required major propping detail for support until the permeant structure was complete. Our team were required to recreate the technical drawings as instructed by the engineers. Working extremely closely with the engineers to ensure that the works completed were 100% precise to the drawing as otherwise the machine would not fit. The machine was fitted by an external company, this required a cooperative relationship to ensure that the works would be carried out safely and effectively.

    Dealt with
    unexpected ground issue

    Kept within compound
    Fenced off work

    Cooperative relationship
    with client and external company

    Complicated specialist work completed


    The highly technical requirements were completed to a high standard and was exactly what the client wanted. Despite the unexpected delay caused by a discovery of unsuitable ground the client was still satisfied with the work done by Adamco and also impressed with how they were able to tackle this problem.

    "Adamco exceeded our expectations ensuring that the machine base would be suitable for the furnace that we were having installed. They dealt with any issues that arose and ensured that the job was completed to the high standard that we required."

    KTS Wire LTD