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    SIMBA Phase 1/2

    Major Loss Insurance Claim

    The Challenge

    A large fire caused significant damage to the warehouse which resulted in Simba Smoby toys Ltd needing a major rebuild. It was essential that this well respected large company remained operational during the project. A cooperative relationship between Simba and Adamco was required to ensure that the work could be completed quickly without interfering with the daily operations of the business.

    The Solution 

    This job was completed in two phases. The skilled workers at Adamco completed a major rebuild. This required new floor foundations to ensure that the warehouse was safe. The rebuild required new steel works and also the replacement of the steel that had been damaged. The existing roof structure required the removal of asbestos based materials and a complete recovery in composite cladding, which was undertaken in several phases to provide the client with a safe working area. A large part of the job was working with the client to ensure that they could still operate their business whilst work was being completed.

    Major Loss Fire
    Insurance claim

    Worked alongside client
    Ensured the client was able to continue business

    Specialist Machinery used
    on suspended floors

    Worked safely through

    The Outcome 

    The rebuild was delivered to a high specification and the client was extremely pleased with the outcome of the project. This was one of many projects completed for the client and their repeat business demonstrates their appreciation for the work done by Adamco.

    "Adamco completed the rebuild to a high standard and exceeded our expectations. They also ensured that we could keep our business operational whilst they were working, which was essential for the survival of our business."

    Simba Smoby Toys LTD